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Special Issue: Neo-Victorian Asia

Guest edited by Elizabeth Ho

(published 4 April 2019)

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Introduction: Neo-Victorian Asia: An Inter-imperial Approach

Elizabeth Ho

1-17 PDF

Japanese Neo-Victorian Fictions: Looking Back to the Victorian Age from Japan

Yui Nakatsuma

18-39 PDF  

Japanese Dandies in Victorian Britain: Writing Masculinity in Japanese Girls’ Comics

Waiyee Loh




Last Empress Fiction and Asian Neo-Victorianism

Elizabeth Ho

64-90 PDF  

The Neo-Victorian Chinese Diaspora: Crossing Genders and Postcolonial Subversion in Pacific Gold Rush Novels

Barbara Franchi

91-117 PDF  

Analog Incarnations: Steampunk Performance across Time

Diana M. Pho

118-152 PDF  

A Therapeutic Mangle of History: Towards a Politics of Reconciliation in Arjun Raj Gaind’s Empire of Blood

Kurian Therakath Peter

153-176 PDF  

Secondary Pleasures, Spatial Occupations and Postcolonial Departures: Park Chan-Wook’s Agassi/The Handmaiden and Sarah Waters’s Fingersmith

Park Heebon, Julie Sanders, and Chung Moonyoung

177-205 PDF  
Reviews/Review Essays


Neo-Victorian Adventures for Young Readers: Review of Sonja Sawyer Fritz and Sara K. Day’s The Victorian Era in Twenty-First Century Children’s and Adolescent Literature and Culture

Sandra Dinter

206-215 PDF  

The Other (Neo-)Victorians: Review of Laura Helen Marks, Alice in Pornoland: Hardcore Encounters with the Victorian Gothic

Saverio Tomaiuolo

216-227 PDF  

The Hauntings of Charlotte Brontë: Review of Amber K. Regis and Deborah Wynne (eds.), Charlotte Brontë: Legacies and afterlives

Catherine Paula Han

228-237 PDF  
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