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Special Issue: Performing the Neo-Victorian

Guest edited by Beth Palmer and Benjamin Poore

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Introduction: Performing the Neo-Victorian

Beth Palmer and Benjamin Poore

1-11 PDF

After Dickens World: Performing Victorians at the Chatham Docks

Patrick Fleming

12-31 PDF

The Beatles as Performers of Cultural Memory

Terrance Riley

32-54 PDF

Staging Alice in 2015: 150th Anniversary Adaptations of Alice in Wonderland

Beth Palmer

55-73 PDF

Cannibal and Transcendence Narratives in Les Misérables, Sweeney Todd, and Interview with the Vampire

Judith Wilt

74-97 PDF

Attend the Tale of Sweeney Todd’: Adaptation, Revival, and Keeping the Meat Grinder Turning

Louise Creechan

98-122 PDF

Steampunk and the Performance of Gender and Sexuality

Martin Danahay

123-150 PDF
Review Essays


The Servant Problem: Review of Laura Wade and Sarah Waters’ Tipping the Velvet

Benjamin Poore

151-166 PDF

Revisiting Metropolitan T(r)opographies:Review of Marie-Luise Kohlke and Christian Gutleben’s Neo-Victorian Cities:

Reassessing Urban Politics and Poetics

Nora Pleßke

167-186 PDF

Neo-Victorianism and its Popular Pre-Postmodern Predecessors: Review of Caterina Maria Grasl, Oedipal Murders and Nostalgic Resurrection:

The Victorians in Historical Middlebrow Fiction, 1914-1959

Catherine Paula Han

187-195 PDF
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